Positive signs for number of corona infections confirmed

The number of new Covid-19 infections seems to stabilise now: the sharp rise in new infections seems to have been stopped. The first positive signs about which we reported yesterday, are being confirmed today. However, it is too early to speak about a general trend. Virologist Marc Van Ranst says that while the situation is improving in Antwerp, the virus is still flaring up in other parts of Belgium. "Take care!" he warns. 

Comparing the rolling averages on the week, we are still seeing a rise: we had an average of 531 new infections per day between 27 July and 2 August. This is a rise of 49 percent on the week, as we had 355 new patients per day between 19 and 26 July. However, this hike is not as outspoken as it was a week ago. 

Moreover, looking at the shorter term, the figures released by the scientific institute Sciensano are also hopeful. While yesterday's rolling average was still at 535 per day, it has now dropped a little bit to 531. It's the first drop of the rolling average in a long time, and specialists say that the figures for tomorrow and the day after are looking "relatively positive" as well. The day before yesterday, the rolling average for the week was 528, which means that for the moment the figures are stabilising. 

The rolling average for patients taken to hospital is 23 people per day now, coming from 25 the week before. However, yesterday's figure was 41, which will be felt in the week statistics later on. Covid-19 is still responsible for 3 fatalities per day, on average. 

Antwerp is improving, but in other places the epidemic may still be gaining ground

Virologist Marc Van Ranst explains the status-quo by the improving situation in Antwerp, and warns it's not a general trend.  

"It's 8 days since the restrictions were tightened. We see that the figures in Antwerp are going the right way, which means that the statistics for Belgium are stabilising. However, in other towns, cities or municipalities the epidemic is gaining ground, so beware," he writes on Twitter. 

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