Code Red weather warning issued with temperatures set to reach 37°C on Saturday

With temperatures set to reach 37°C on Saturday the Royal Meteorological Institute KMI has issued a Code Red weather warning for extreme heat that will come into force in all areas with the exception of the coast and Luxemburg Province on Saturday morning. The warning will remain in force until Monday. It is only the second time that KMI has such a warning for heat that is applicable to almost the entire country. Code Red could be extended beyond Monday if necessary.  

Today (Friday) a Code Orange heat warning is in force in all areas except the coast. However, from Saturday it will be Code Red across the board with the exception of in Luxembourg Province (Code Orange) and the coast (code yellow).

KMI forecasts temperatures will reach 36°C or 37°C in inland areas. Temperatures this high necessitate regular fluid intake and the consumption of easily digestible food. It is also advisable to wear clothing made from thinner material and to spend the daytime hours in a cooler indoor space and keep the windows and doors shut to keep out the heat. People are also advised to keep tabs on their general medical condition (blood pressure, etc.) 

Tips to get you through the heatwave

·        Drink plenty of (non-alcoholic) fluids.

·        Keep up your salt levels

·        Get plenty of rest

·        Stay in a cool room if you can

·        Use damp cloths if you or a family member/friend becomes                                   dehydrated.

·        Avoid direct sunlight

·        Take action to ensure the safe of yourself, others and if possible your               possessions.

·        Closely follow the advice given to you by the relevant authorities. 

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