Governor of Antwerp Province says that curfew won’t be enforced during heatwave

The Governor of Antwerp Province Cathy Berx has said in a statement that the curfew that was brought in last week to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus won’t be enforced during the current heatwave. The curfew forbids anyone in Antwerp Province  that isn’t on their way to or from work, to or from an airport or station to go on/return from a holiday or business trip or on their way to or returning from medical treatment from leaving their homes between 11:30pm and 6am. 

Ms Berkx told journalists that "In order to make things bearable during the period of extreme heat and after consultations with the National Crisis Centre it have been decided that during this period the curfew will not be enforced”. This means that anyone caught outside between 11:30pm and 6am won’t be fined.

However, the ban on groups of more than 10 people meeting (in the open air) remains in force.

"Given the virological context groups of more than we really can’t allow groups of more than 10 people to group together let alone that there are more festive activities on the streets. We really can’t allow that”, the Governor of Antwerp Province stressed”.

Ms Berx made an explicit plea not to abuse the temporary relaxation of curfew.

“Please take the opportunity this gives to cool off but definitely not to start partying, to meet up and again create a context of risk in which new infections can occur”.  

Meanwhile, closing time for bars and restaurants remains at 11pm. Mr Berx says that the curfew will be seriously reconsidered if not enforcing it during the coming days doesn’t lead to reckless or unsafe behaviour.

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