King extends “Pre-formateurs” mission by another 9 days

The two men charged with paving the way for the formation of a new Federal government, the leader of the Flemish nationalists (N-VA) Bart De Wever and the leader of the Francophone socialists (PS) Paul Magnette, have had their mission extended for another 9 days. After a meeting lasting around an hour during which the two so-called “¨Pre-formateurs” brought King Filip up to speed on their progress so far, Belgium’s Head of State deemed it opportune to extend their mission until Monday 17 August. 

In a press statement released by the Royal Palace shortly after 4pm the King invited “the parties involved to show a great sense of responsibility and to reach an agreement on the formation of a government quickly”.  

Mr De Wever and Mr Magnette arrived at the Royal Palace at 3pm to brief the King on the progress of their mission to find a formula that will allow a new federal government to be formed. On their arrival they refused to give any comment to the journalists that had assembled outside the Palace. After their talks with the King, the two politicians chatted with each other for a time before getting into to their respective cars.

The Flemish and Francophone liberals say that they are prepared to join the 5 other parties (Flemish nationalists, Francophone and Flemish socialists and the Flemish and Francophone Christian democrats) that the two pre-formateurs have managed to bring together providing that Mr De Wever and Mr Magnette give clarity as to the planned formula they have in mind for a new federal government. Meanwhile, Mr De Wever and Mr Magnette have said that they plan further talks with the Flemish and Francophone greens.


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