Extra measures to ensure the safety of visitors and locals at our coastal resorts

The Acting Governor of West Flanders Anne Martens (Christian democrat, photo above) has announced a number of new measures designed to ensure the safety of visitors and locals at our coastal resorts. In the light of Saturday afternoon’s incident on Blankenberge Beach in which youths clashed with police a crisis meeting chaired by the Acting Governor was held in Bruges on Sunday morning. 

A number of measures that are designed to prevent large crowds from gathering in coastal resorts and avoid incidents such as Saturday’s beach brawl from reoccurring were agreed on at the meeting. 

·        From today (Sunday 9 August) the local police services will be provided with reinforcement from the Federal Police Service. Stations are among the locations where officers from the Federal Police will be deployed.

·        Stations will not be closed, something that was initially demanded by the Mayors of Knokke-Heist and Blankenberge. Ms Martens told journalists that "We can’t risk a mass of people that we are unable to control gathering at stations. However, if monitoring shows that it is too busy at a particular place Mayors will be able to decide to close their town or municipality to outsiders.   

·        The police will carry out checks to detect trouble-makers. "People that come to the coast looking for trouble and don’t abide by the rules will be severely dealt with. The will appear before a Judge for a summary judgement”.

There will be stringent checks at Knokke and Blankenberge where incidents have occurred previously.

"People with children that want to cool off are welcome as are people that abide by the rules”.

The Acting Governor stressed that people should check the Beach, Promenade and Crowd Barometer before heading for the coast.

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