Nicolas Maeterlinck

Knokke-Heist bans day-trippers until the heatwave is over

The authorities in the West Flemish coastal municipality of Knokke-Heist are to turn away day-trippers until the end of the heatwave at least. The news that day-trippers won’t be welcome in the municipality that includes the upmarket resort of Knokke comes from the Head of the Local Police Service there Steve Desmet. On Sunday Knokke-Heist banned day-trippers, a decision that was taken in the light of Saturday’s violence on the beach in near-by Blankenberge.  

There have already been issues with groups of youths in Knokke-Heist. For the duration of the ban on day-trippers officers from the Knokke-Heist Local Police Service will carry out roadside check on vehicles travelling on routes into the municipality.

Anyone planning to only stay in Knokke for a day will be turned back. On Sunday day-trippers were turned away from Blankenberge. However, the authorities there say that they have no plans to do his every day.  

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