Three youths arrested after Saturday’s beach violence

An Examining Magistrate in the West Flemish city of Bruges has arrested three youths from Brussels on suspicion of deliberate assault and battery and armed rebellion. The three, all of whom were already known to the Judicial Authorities, were among dozens of young people that were involved in a violent clash on Blankenberge Beach in West Flanders on Saturday afternoon.


The news that the three suspects have now been arrested was released by the Bruges Judicial Authorities on Monday morning. The suspects were questioned on Sunday afternoon after which the decision was taken to arrest them.

The Bruges Public Prosecutor Fien Maddens told journalists that "The are suspected of, in group and armed with all kinds of material such as bottles, parasols and sun loungers, having attacked the police and life guards. Neither the authority of the police nor that of the life guards was respected”.

On Monday a court in Bruges formally charged the three suspects. They will remain in custody and will appear Bruges magistrates on Friday.  

During Saturday’s incident the Blankenberge/Zuienkerke Local Police Service was forced to call in reinforcements from several other local police services. A total of 120 officers were deployed to restore order on the beach. The operation involved offices from local, federal and maritime police services. Nine police officers were slightly injured.

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