Child of 6 drowns at De Nekker Recreation Park in Mechelen

A 6-year-old child has drowned at the De Nekker Recreation Park at Mechelen in Antwerp Province. The news of the tragedy has been confirmed by the Mechelen-Willebroek Local Police Service. For an as yet unexplained reason the child ran into difficulties in the water. For the moment at least, the child’s death is being treated as a tragic accident. 

The 6-year-old had gone to the De Nekker Recreation Park as part of large group of children from the Brussels area. Early on Wednesday afternoon the child was seen lying on his/her belly in the water. This was in a shallow paddling pool near to the open air swimming lake.

It is still unclear what exactly happened to the child. Life guards rushed to the scene to give first aid. The emergency services were called, but was too late to save the child.

The police are at the scene and are questioning potential witnesses. An Examining Magistrate will also attend the scene in order to get a better idea of what exactly happened. At this stage of the investigation everything points to the child’s death having been a tragic accident.

Like in previous days the De Nekker Recreation Park was fully booked today. As part of the measures to maintain social distancing between social bubbles, visitor numbers at De Nekker are limited to no more than 500 at any one time. Reservation is obligatory. 

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