Study shows that the price of some food and drink products is 10% up on pre-lockdown levels

A study carried out by the consumers’ association Test Aankoop has found that the price of some groceries is as much as 10% up on what it was before the start of the lockdown in mid-March. During much of the lockdown supermarkets were not allowed to have special offers (3 for the price of 2 and the like) in order to discourage people from buying excessive quantities of goods and creating shortages on the shelves. However, in the months since the price we pay for at least some of our groceries hasn’t fallen back to the level it was in early March.  

Test Aankoop’s Simon November told VRT News that “We looked at the price evolution of 267 products at 9 supermarket chains since the beginning of March. Our latest results show that at most stores currently it is still more expensive to fill your shopping basket than they was at the beginning of March”.

"Even taking into account promotional offers and price reductions Colruyt and Collect & Go (a service offered by Delhaize, whereby your order your groceries online and pick them up later at the store) are respectively 5% and 4% more expensive. The price increase at Carrefour Hyper and Albert Heijn is a little more modest at almost 3% and 2% respectively”, Mr November added.

The price of some branded products such as Coca-Cola is up 12% at Colruyt and 10% at Collect & Go.

"Special offers were banned during the lockdown to discourage binge buying. However, when special offers were allowed again it had been expected that prices would fall and this has not happened. The financial fallout from the corona crisis is being felt by more and more families”, Mr November concluded. 

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