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"Make a face mask exception for cyclists in Brussels"

Face masks have become mandatory in the whole Brussels Region, but cyclists' associations demand that cyclists be exempt from this obligation.

The Flemish Fietsersbond and its Francophone counterpart Gracq want the Brussels authorities to adapt the stricter rules. "It's hot these days and Brussels is a hilly area. It is not obvious to take your bicycle for your transport, and to combine this with a face mask makes this more complicated. We are afraid that people will leave their bike at home and choose the car or another means of transport", Wies Callens of the Fietsersbond told the VRT's Radio 2. 

At the moment, an exception is being made for people who are doing sports, but cyclists are not exempt from the obliglation to wear a mouth mask. This is not logical, cyclists' associations argue, demanding a change in the new rules. "People cycle a lot in Brussels. We don't see why they would have to wear a mouth mask in quiet areas where they are only surrounded by cars."  

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