General figure hides regional differences: how is you province or region doing with regards to corona? 

Corona figures for Belgium continue to rise on the week, though the increase itself is less outspoken. The rolling average for the number of daily infections remains just above 600, a slight improvement on yesterday (601 compared to 604). However, behind this general picture are various regional differences to be seen.  

The latest figures apply to the period between 3 and 9 August. The rolling average was 601 new infections per day, a rise of 13 percent on the week. The week before that, we had 550 new infections each day. The rise seems to stabilise: it was at 11, 12, 13 and 16 percent over the past days, while it was much higher one or two weeks ago. Looking at yesterday's averages, we even see a slight improvement. 

The number of Covid fatalities was 4 per day, coming from 3. There are also more patients who need treatment in hospital: 31 last week, compared to 23 the week before.  There are now 301 corona patients in Belgian hospitals, of whom 76 need intensive care. This figure is still a lot below the figures we had in the first wave, but virologists warn that the situation is far from under control. 

Antwerp improving, Brussels worse off

Meanwhile, the regional difference are still there. While Antwerp was mainly responsible for the first hike, figures are improving there now, thanks to the strict measures - though the lion's share of the new infections is still taking place in Antwerp.

Limburg province is also seeing a drop. The biggest increase is now being seen in West Flanders and Brussels - though in West Flanders this can be explained by the local outbreak in the meat company Westvlees. Flemish Brabant and East Flanders are also confronted with a rise. 

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