All employees at Westvlees have been tested, 94 are COVID-positive

After last week’s coronavirus outbreak at the West Flemish meat company Westvlees all the staff at the factory have since been tested for the virus. With all the test results now in it has emerged that a total of 94 people at Westvlees’ Westrozebeke site in West Flanders became infected with the novel coronavirus. The outbreak started in the meat cutting department at the plant. 

Of the 94 people that tested positive, 74 work at the meat cutting department. Those working there were the first to be tested. Then those working elsewhere at the factory were also tested for the novel coronavirus. 20 of these tested positive.

The Mayor of Staden, the municipality of which Westrozebeke is a part, Francesco Vanderjeugd (liberal) told VRT News that “When you look at the results, especially from the latest tests, there is a positive evolution in the figures”.

Of the 20 people that tested positive just 2 live in Staden. As the results of the tests don’t have a big impact for his municipality, Mayor Vanderjeugd has decided that the stricter measures that he had imposed to curb the further spread of the novel coronavirus in Staden will be revoked from Monday 17 August. This means that people in Staden and visitors to the municipality will no longer be obliged to wear face masks wherever they go. However, you will still be obliged to carry a mask with you that can be put on if needs be. 

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