Covid-19 update: sharp rise in the number of hospitalisations

The latest corona figures show a stabilisation of the number of new infections, but more patients are being taken to hospital. 

According to the latest figures supplied by the health institute Sciensano, the rolling average for the past week (5 to 11 August) was at 604 new infections per day, more or less the same average figure that we had over the past days. The number  is 5 percent up on the week. 

Each day, 33 patients were taken to hospital, coming from 27 the week before. The new figure represents a rise of 23 percent on the week. Most patients are being admitted to hospital in the Brussels Region and Antwerp province which account for more than half of the total number for the whole of Belgium. 

The number of Covid fatalities rose to 6, compared to 3 the week before, but this increase may be due to the effects of the extreme heat wave we have had, including high ozone levels in the air.  

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