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New electricity rates coming up: avoid peak consumption

As from 2022 energy suppliers will calculate your bill in a different way. The most important thing you have to do, is to avoid peak consumption, spreading your consumption as much as possible in time. 

The new principle has been officially approved by the Flemish energy market regulator VREG. "An important part of our electricity bill, about 20 percent, is used to maintain the grid", the VRT's energy specialist Nina Verhaeghe explains. "However, the burden on the grid is mounting as times are changing: more people are producing their own energy, via solar panels for example, and if they produce too much, they put it back on the grid. Others suddenly take a lot of electricity, for example to charge their electric car. "

All this leads to a volatile situation, to highs and lows on the network; if nothing changes, the grid will have to undergo major changes, and this will trigger major investments (and a major cost).

In order to avoid this, the VREG wants to stimulate people to spread their electricity consumption. A new general principle has been adopted: our contribution to the grid maintenance will be calculated on the basis of the peaks we have caused, and no longer on our total annual consumption. The VREG estimates that the measure will be effective, and that families will actually spread their consumption better. They claim that if we do so, we can even save 50 euros per year. 

You may even save money if you spread your consumption well

Flemish energy watchdog VREG

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