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Rescue teams in for an unusual operation after a "trespassers' alert" near Simonis station

Rail traffic in Brussels was briefly halted late on Thursday due to "rail trespassers", a special type this time: the trespasser turned out to be a kestrel.

Firefighters were called to the scene after a tip from a member of the public. The caller was talking about "an eagle" walking between the tracks at Simonis station without showing any intention to fly away. 

Fire services sent two members of their Animal Rescue Team to the spot: they didn't find an eagle, but a kestrel. The animal had sustained a serious injury at a wing and wasn't able to fly anymore. At the fire services' request, rail traffic was halted for a short while to allow the team to catch the animal. It was then transported to a nursing home for recovery. 

brandweer Brussel

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