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"Customers in shops are getting more aggressive"

The organisation representing the trade sector, Comeos, says that an increasing number of clients is getting aggressive in times of corona. 3 in 4 shop owners have had to deal with verbal or even physical aggression lately, Comeos says. 

It's especially the rule that allows only one person per family inside a shop that triggers frustration, because people don't see the sense of it, explains Deborah Motteux of Comeos. "It's hard for shop owners to explain this rule: sometimes the shop is empty and still two people can't enter together." 

3 in 4 self-employed are complaining about a form of aggression: "It's often verbal abuse, but also physical aggression. Shop owners hardly have any tools to react. The only thing they can do is to call the police, but it often takes a while before these can intervene."

Comeos is asking the government to abolish the rule, because it is bad for turnover and because it causes aggression.  

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