Nicolas Maeterlinck

Over 2,000 demonstrators assemble in Brussels: "Stop the virus madness" 

A couple of thousand people demanded the dismissal of virologist Marc Van Ranst during a protest action in the streets of Brussels. "The present corona restrictions are exaggerated."

There have been several anti-corona protests in the U.S. and recently also in Berlin, and this time the protests came to Brussels. 

The action was organised by Viruswaanzin, which is also behind Dutch protests. Demonstrators claim that the present measures are going too far. "We are not denying the existence of coronavirus", they say. "Let's protect the vulnerable people, and make our health services stronger, but the present measures are too strict." Among the protesters' demands: abolishing social distancing and face masks, and no more restrictions in pubs, cafés or restaurants. 

Demonstrators say that the virus is not as contagious and dangerous as widely claimed. They handed in a letter demanding the dismissal of virologist Marc Van Ranst, one of the experts advising the federal government on which corona restrictions to impose.  

Nicolas Maeterlinck

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