Met Office issues new warning for thunderstorms

The Met Office has issued an orange alert for thunderstorms that may be violent. The alert applies from 2 p.m. to early next morning, depending on the region. A yellow alert at first, it was adapted during the course of the day to orange, and it applies to the whole country. 

Unstable air coming from France continues to sweep over the country. Just like yesterday, thunderstorms are expected to develop as from the afternoon, but these may be local. Temperatures climb well above 25 Celsius to reach almost 30 in some places, while the air is humid, which will trigger a tropical feeling. 

The thunderstorms may include heavy gusts of wind, hail stones and a lot of rain in a short time, 10 to 30 litres per square metre.

The heat wave is expected to come to an end on Monday or Tuesday. The weather will remain unstable with a chance of blustery showers, but also sunny spells in the coming days.  

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