Limburg man seen mooning on Google Street view

Those using Google Street View site or app to take a look at the Bergstraat in Oudsbergen (Limburg Province) get more than they might have bargained for. Anyone wishing to check out house number 1 on the street in the village of Meeuwen not only gets to see the house and some of the street around it, but also the bare posterior of local man and prankster Jens Vrolijks.

Last summer when the Google Street View car was in the area Mr Vrolijks seized the chance to carry out what he describes as “my best prank yet” and he dropped his pants and showed his bottom to the camera. A year later the mooning Mr Vrolijks is on Google Street View for all to see.     

Many people visit the Google Street View site to look at their own house or to pay a virtual visit to places far away. However, sometimes the photographs featured on the sites show amusing things or things that the home-owner or those that manage the site might prefer that we didn’t see. Those that take the trouble to type in Bergstraat 1, Meeuwen (Oudsbergen) into the Street View search function and zoom in a little can’t fail to spot the mooning man of Meeuwen Jens Vrolijks.

He told VRT Radio 2 Limburg that “I saw the car coming from in the distance and I thought I must do something that will be recorded for posterity”.

The photograph has only recently appeared online and according to Mr Vrolijks it can’t be censored.

"It’s the best thing that I have done all year and everyone can see it”, he laughed.

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