Microbiologist Herman Goossens calls for the introduction of saliva tests for COVID-19

The University of Antwerp microbiologist Professor Herman Goossens has called for the introduction of new-style tests to be used to detect whether someone has become infected with the novel coronavirus. Professor Goossens says that the test that are already in use in the United States should be used here from the autumn. The tests use saliva samples to see whether a person is infected with the virus.

The microbiologist told VRT News that “There is not 100% certainty about the accuracy, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they are not correct”.

Professor Goossens added that “The tests are cheap, easy to carry out and you need less staff, so no doctor or nurse. There is a self-swab with which you put a swab in your nose to isolate snot and there is the saliva test with which you either chew on a little sponge to collect saliva or you just spit into a pot”.

"The saliva test can be particularly advantageous when testing children, for example at school. Because a classic test is very unpleasant and sometimes painful, especially for small children. The saliva test is an ideal alternative that can be used on a wide scale. It will be necessary in any case as during the forthcoming autumn and winter period we will go from virus to virus”, Professor Gossans concluded. 

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