PZ Brugge

Police dismantle transit migrants’ camp in Zeebrugge

Police in West Flanders have dismantled a number of unauthorised camps that had been set up by transit migrants hoping to enter the UK illegally. The camps each made up of a few tents were found in the port village of Zeebrugge. They were in woodland near to Zeebrugge Railway Station. Around 10 people have been detained. 

Police spokeswoman Lien Depoorter told the VRT that “The Bruges Local Police Service is constantly checking whether transit migrants have settled anywhere. However, recently we have been getting more reports and so we decided to mount a slightly bigger operation. This involved around 30 officers from our service and 15 colleagues from the Federal Police. Mounted police officers and dog handlers were also deployed and we used drones”.

Most of the transit migrants detained come from North Africa. The Aliens’ Office will decided their fate. A least some of them will be deported. 

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