A big increase in air cargo traffic at Ostend Airport

While much of the aviation industry is suffering badly from the impact of the coronavirus crisis there is some positive news Ostend-Bruges Airport in West Flanders. During the first seven months of this year more cargo traffic passed through the airport than during the whole of 2019. There was a particularly big increase in cargo traffic at Ostend-Bruges Airport during July. However, like at other airports the world over passengers numbers at the airport so far this year are down on what they were during the same period in 2019.   

The rise in the amount of cargo traffic can be explained by the fact that “a certain number of air cargo companies that started using the airport at the start of the crisis have decided to stay”, the airport writes in a press statement released on Wednesday. During July 3,515 tonnes of air cargo passed through Ostende-Bruges. This is 160% up on the volume of air cargo that passed through the airport in July 2019. 

During the 7 months from January to July of this year the airport handled 28,417 tonnes of cargo. This is far in excess of the 25,000 tonnes of cargo that it handled during the whole of 2019. The upward trend seems set to increase with the Chinese Hong Yuan Group having started tests flights to Ostend-Bruges Airport this month.  

Meanwhile, like other European airports the number of passengers passing through Ostend-Bruges Airport is significantly down on what it was last year. During July 18,796 passengers passed through the airport. This is 70% down on passenger number in July 2019. 


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