Governor Cathy Berx "Our most important aim is to persist”

At a press conference held on Wednesday afternoon the Governor of Antwerp Province Cathy Berx gave an update on the situation with regard to the coronavirus pandemic in her province. Antwerp Province and the city of Antwerp in particular was the motor behind the resurgence of the virus in Belgium and extra measures such as a curfew and the mandatory wearing of face masks were brought in by the Governor in an effort to curb the spread of the virus.

Several weeks later the measures seem to be paying off. However, Governor Berm is not for relaxing them just yet.  "The most important aim now is that we persist”. Ms Berx added that the current measures will remain in force for at least another week (until 26 August).  

"The figures are evolving favourably, the basic reproduction number for Antwerp is 0.73. So the effort is worth it”, Governor Berx added.  She also gave figures from the province’s hospitals. On Tuesday there were 109 COVID-19 patients being treated in hospitals in Antwerp Province of whom 35 on intensive care wards.  

"We would like ton ow motivate people to stick to the golden rules. Not because they have to but because people now have more insight into the risks and want to change their behaviour”, the Provincial Governor added. 

She also stressed the importance of stability. "We have been hearing from people that they don’t want the measures to be changing all the time this is why we need to persist now”. 


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