Self-employed retailers’ federation calls for the sales to be prolonged

A survey carried out by the self-employed retailers’ federation NSZ has found that 3 out of 4 fashion retailers expected to finish the year in the red. Poor sales figures during the spring that included the lockdown period during which shops selling non-essential goods were forced to close for almost 8 weeks and during the sales have seen turnover plummet. 

A total of 788 fashion retailers took part in the survey. NSZ is calling for the summer sales to be prolonged by 14 days as one way of helping fashion retailers make good at least some of their lost turnover.

In a press statement released on Wednesday morning NSZ says "It is time for politicians and virologists to say that shopping is safe providing that you abide by the rules. Stay in your digs needs to quickly become Come safely out of yours digs. But no one appears to dare to say this. If we don’t prolong the sales, retailers won’t be able to sell at a loss any more. This is a bad thing for the customer’s purse, but also for the retailers. It is better that they get something for their goods than nothing at all. And then there is the obligation to shop alone. It is time for people to be allowed to shop with family and bubble members”.

NSZ also wants solutions to be found for surplus stock and the rent many of its members have to pay for their retail premises. "Retailers ought to be able to get an interest free guarantee loan from the Flemish Investment Company PMV for their unsold stock so as to enable them to buy new stock. If this is not forthcoming 6 out of 10 will have problems purchasing their new collections. This in turn will create issues for their suppliers”.

There is a temporary measure in place for rental payments on retail premises. If the landlord waved the rent in April and/or May PMV gave the retail tenant a loan for the following two months. The loans had a maximum value of 25,000 euro and are repayable over the next 18 months at an annual interest rate of 2%. NSZ wants this measure to be extended.

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