After almost 6 months Bever has it first case of coronavirus

It was a story reminiscent of something out of an Asterix comic strip book. While the rest in the country municipalities large and small had all had cases of novel coronavirus infection, the small village of Bever in the extreme west of Flemish Brabant had remained spared from COVID-19. Until now none of 2050 or so residents had tested positive for the virus, not even when the first wave of OVID-19 was at its peak in April. 

However, this has changed and Bever now has its first confirmed case of the virus. The municipality’s Christian democrat Mayor Dirk Willem told VRT Radio 2 “A minor from our municipality has indeed tested positive for the virus. We are now doing all we can to keep that figure at one”. 

"So Bever is no longer an exception, we’re normal again. It has taken a long time and of course we remain the municipality that held out the longest”, Mr Willem added. 

The Mayor hopes that the contact tracing system that is being set up will work efficiently. "It is of course unfortunate that someone has become infected, but I hope that the infected person won’t become too ill and that everything will be followed up properly. It is now important that the virus doesn’t spread any further”. 

The Mayor says that Bever has held out for so long largely thanks to the self-disapline of its residents and a dollop of good luck. 

"Of course I realised that this would happen sometime. Certainly during the holiday period when people are out and about more and the children go to camp. Although this might just be coincidence and there could be no further infections”, the Mayor concluded. 


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