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Cultural Crisis Cell slams National Crisis Centre’s decision on spectator numbers

The Cultural Crisis Cell, a group that acts a mouthpiece for theatres, concert halls and those that work in the cultural sector, has expressed disappointment at the way in which the National Crisis Council has chosen to relax the restrictions on audience numbers at cultural and sporting events. The group had hoped that the new rules would take into account the size of a theatre, concert hall or arena when defining what the maximum number of spectators allowed should be. 

However, this was not the case and the maximum number of spectators allowed was simply doubled from 100 to 200 for indoor events and from 200 to 400 for events that take place in the open air. 

The Cultural Crisis Cell’s Tom Kestens told VRT News “I find it painful. Over the past few days we have tried to explain to everyone that is prepared to listen that absolute figures are absurd”. 

"We work on the basis of the safest protocols. Everyone knows that we can work corona-safely. So we could work perfectly under a system that is proportional to venue capacity. Despite this they opt for a symbolic measure. I don’t believe that this will work."

From 1 September there will however be the option of requesting exemptions for individual venues. Mr Kestens told VRT News that “We will have to take time to look into to this. But what I hear again is a multiple command structure. We will have to rely on Mayors in each municipality”. 

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