Flemish business leaders plead with politicians to “stop playing games”

The Flemish Enterprise Network VOKA says that a new Federal Government is urgently needed so that measures can be taken that are necessary to help businesses that are suffering as a result of the coronavirus crisis. In a statement released on Thursday VOKA says “More than seven out of ten companies in Flanders are still suffering loss of turnover due to the coronavirus crisis and next year companies will still be suffering loss of turnover. This is why urgent measures are required”.  

VOKA carried out a survey of Flemish companies the results of which show that a large majority of them are still suffering as a result of the coronavirus crisis. 10% fall in turnover is predicted to persist into next year. 

VOKA’s Hans Maertens told VRT News that “This means that we will have an economy that is only running at 90% capacity. The recovery will take a very long time as will tackling the coronavirus crisis itself. Domestic consumption is stagnating, but exports also continue to suffer greatly as a results of the measures to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus”. 

VOKA adds that a new Federal Government is urgently needed, not only to tackle the corona crisis but also the economic crisis. "There is a lot of uncertainty within companies. They tell us that things aren’t going well. There is an urgent need for economic measures, but also for a transformation of our economy and society. We really need a government if we are going to make it through”, Mr Maertens added. 


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