Secondary schools will be allowed to teach online one day a week

The Flemish Education Minister Ben Weyts (nationalist) has announced that secondary schools will be allowed to teach their pupils online for one day a week if they so wish. Mr Weyts’ announcement came after talks with the education unions on issues including digital distance learning. 

If nothing changes radically before 1 September the new school year is due to start with Code Yellow of the corona measures for schools in force. This means that all schools will be able to receive all their pupils in person at the school premises 5 days a week. However, in the case of secondary schools they will be able to teach their pupils through online learning platforms for one day a week if they wish to. 

The Head of the Flemish Catholic Schools Board Lieve Boeve believes that this is a good thing. Mr Boeve told VRT News that “We are pleased that the obligation to provide digital distance learning has been scrapped but the option to provide it has been retained, because many schools see it as an educational opportunity”. 

Online teaching will only be permitted if the school can ensure that all pupils can be reached. Only if all the pupils have the necessary equipment such as their own or at least sufficient access to a computer and a suitably robust internet connection will online teaching be allowed, subject to the agreement of a school’s teaching staff. 


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