Head of contact tracing calls on the public to cooperate

At Friday morning’s National Crisis Centre press conference on the novel coronavirus pandemic the woman in charge of contact tracing in Flanders Karine Moykens issued a call to the general public and to the laboratory that process coronavirus test. 

Ms Moykens told the press conference that “There are currently 1,200 holiday-makers that are returning from a red zone. Since 1 August we have received 852,000 Passenger Locator Forms of which 32,000 from people returning from a red zone. Of these 96.5% were contacted by the call centre, 88.5% successfully. During the past month 6,922 home visits have been carried out by agents in the field. In half of the case cooperation was forthcoming”.  

Ms Moykens stressed that contact tracing is only “an instrument”.  

“Reaching our aim (getting the virus by the scruff of the neck) will only be possible with your help”. 

In an effort to convince people to cooperate Karin Moykens was keen to stress that “The call centres are extremely discrete and are never used to sanction people”. 

Ms Moykens also called on labs to provide test results more quickly. "We have noticed that some labs are still sending through test results too slowly and that the information on patients that they send is incomplete. This leads to delays or even makes it impossible for us to contact the person concerned”.  

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