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MPs want answers about events in Charleroi Airport police cell

The Home Affairs and Justice Select Committees of the Federal Parliament have had their next meeting brought forward to next week in order to discuss the shocking images that were shot by a CCTV camera in a police cell at Charleroi Airport in Hainaut Province. 

The footage that first appeared in the press on Wednesday shows a Slovak man that had been detained for refusing to show his ticket and causing an affray, engage in self-harm by repeatedly banging his head against the wall of his cell. When police officers entered the cell one of them sat on the man for several minutes awaiting medical staff that had been called to tranquilise him. Meanwhile, another officer was seen making a Nazi salute while the distressed man lay underneath her colleague.

Although the incident happened more than two years ago it only came to light this week. MPs from a number of parties want answers and this is why the Select Committees are being convened despite parliament currently being in summer recess. 

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