Corona figures drop for 6th day in a row

The number of people being diagnosed with coronavirus has fallen yet again.  Compared with the previous seven-day observation period cases are down by 17%.

Between 12 and 18 August 509 cases a day were diagnosed on average.

The number of new cases is falling in most parts of the country.  This is not the case in the Belgian and Flemish capital: in Brussels new cases of coronavirus continue to rise.  874 new cases were recorded over the last 7-day observation period.  This is up 68 in comparison with the previous week.

In Antwerp Province the number of new cases continues to fall: 813 cases were recorded in a week’s time.  The figure is down 489 on the week.

The number of hospitalisations in down 9% averaging at 30 a day.  The number of deaths has doubled rising to an average of 10 a day.

Belgium has counted 80,894 confirmed cases of coronavirus.

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