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Police chase: car switches off lights, races at 260 km/h on the motorway

Police were involved in a spectacular chase yesterday as they covered 95 kilometres in hot pursuit of a vehicle all the way from Antwerp to Kortrijk.  

Antwerp police wanted to check a vehicle because the driver was tailgating.  The motorist driving a vehicle with French number plates refused to stop.  Police then perused the WV Golf at speeds of up to 260 km an hour all the way to Harelbeke in West Flanders where it crashed on a slip road.

The half hour chase started near the Bredabaan and took in the Antwerp Ring and the Kennedy Tunnel before moving on to the Antwerp-Ghent-Kortrijk Motorway.

A police spokesman said: “We thought the vehicle would make for the French border.  It had French number plates.”

“The driver took enormous risks during the chase.  Many people were endangered.  At one point he switched off his lights and drove at a speed of 260km/h. Speed led the driver to lose control of the wheel.  He ended up in the central reservation.  After the crash the people in the car ran off, but police were able to detain them”.

When the four people in the car were questioned they said they were on their way to the Netherlands to buy drugs.  No drugs were found in the car.  All four were released after police drew up a report detailing traffic offences.

Foto: Radio 2
Foto: Radio 2

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