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“Children holidaying in red areas will miss out on their schooling”

With the start of the new school year around the corner virologist Marc Van Ranst has warned of the obvious: children who return home to Belgium from areas designated as ‘red’ by the Belgian foreign ministry will have to quarantine for a fortnight and will miss out on the first days of the new schoolyear.

Concerns are mounting about the number of children who will miss out on schooling as a result of their parents’ determination to have a foreign holiday.  More and more areas are being added to the red list requiring a corona test and quarantine on your return.

Yves Stevens of the Belgian crisis centre has confirmed that children won’t escape the need to quarantine just because the new schoolyear is starting on 1 September.

Virologist Marc Van Ranst says it’s unfortunate that children will miss out on their schooling, but a fortnight’s quarantine and a mandatory corona test are compulsory for all those returning from red areas.

“No exemptions will be made.  The start of the new schoolyear will be complicated in itself.  Children will fall ill and the authorities want to limit such instances as much as possible.”

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