Antwerp rocked by two explosions

Many residents of the Antwerp boroughs of Deurne and Borgerhout were roused from their sleep overnight as two explosions were triggered in the northern port city.  In Deurne an explosion was detonated outside a house adjoining a construction firm, while a grenade caused a blast in Borgerhout.  Investigators are trying to establish whether there are any links to drug trafficking.

The first explosion occurred in Deurne in the dead of night. The only damage was to a front door.  Around 6AM this explosion was followed by a second blast, this time in Borgerhout where a grenade had been attached to a parked car.

Members of the army bomb squad attended the scene in Deurne.  “The explosion was definitely not caused by a grenade” a police spokesman said. What caused the explosion just before 3AM is being investigated. While the bomb squad was at work in Deurne, they received news of a second explosion in nearby Borgerhout and also attended this scene.

The blast in Borgerhout happened near the scene of Friday night’s nightly shooting.  Shots were fired at the front of a house, but it was only during the afternoon that the incident was reported to the police.  Investigators hope to establish whether there is any link between the shooting and the explosion.

Antwerp police say here is no link between the two explosions.

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