Coronavirus: Brussels bucks the downward trend

The number of new cases of coronavirus continues to fall.  It’s the seventh day in a row that the figures edge lower, while in the Belgian and Flemish capital the number of new cases continues to mount.

During the last seven-day observation period between 13 and 19 August 508 new cases of coronavirus were diagnosed on average each and every day.  The figure is 15% down on the previous seven-day observation period.

In Antwerp Province figures continue to look more rosy with 794 new infections in the past week.  This is down 416 on the week.

However, in Brussels 898 new cases were recorded in only a week’s time.  This is 76 more than the previous week.  Rises were recorded in Flemish Brabant (up 57) and in Hainault (up 23) too.

The number of corona deaths too continues to rise.  On average there are now ten a day.  The figure is 31% up on the week. 9,988 people have now died of suspected or confirmed coronavirus across Belgium.

On average 30 patients are being hospitalised a day due to coronavirus.  The figure is 2% down on the previous week.

81,468 cases of COVID-19 have now been confirmed.

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