Another explosion in Deurne

The Antwerp district of Deurne has been shook by another explosion. The explosion happened at around 3am on Monday morning in the Gryspeerstraat, near to the Sportpaleis events hall. During the weekend there were already two explosions in Deurne. The police coordened off the area and the bomb disposal service DOVO went to the scene. All indications point to the explosion having been caused by a grenade. 

Sven Lommaert of the Antwerp Local Police Service said as much in an interview with VRT Radio 2 Antwerp. Mr Lommaert added that “There is quite a bit of damage, but no one was injured”.  

Some local residents were woken up by the explosion. One local told VRT Radio 2 “I haven't been able to get back to sleep because of the noise. My wife and children also got up. They are too frightened to go back to sleep”. 

Meanwhile, others heard nothing “I see that there are a lot of people and the police has cordoned everything off. Apparently there was a grenade explosion. I think that it’s bad, it’s become rather unsafe round here”. 

Those investigating this and the previous explosions in Deurne are looking into to possible links with the trade in drugs.

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