Infection rate drops under 500 a day

On average 493 people are being diagnosed with coronavirus every day in Belgium.  The latest rolling average for the seven-day observation period from 14 to 20 August is down 15% on the week. The drop is the eighth consecutive fall in a row.

There have been 81,936 confirmed cases in Belgium so far.

The number of new infections in Antwerp Province continues to fall. 775 cases were diagnosed in the past week – down 364 or 31% on the previous week. Figures for Brussels no longer show a sharp rise in new cases.  881 cases were reported over the past week – up 2% on the week.

Death rates too are stabilising.  On average coronavirus is claiming nine lives a day in Belgium.  9,992 suspected and confirmed COVID-19 deaths have been recorded.

Hospitalisations are down too.  On average 28 people were hospitalised a day over the past week.  The figure is down 15% on the previous period.


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