Swingers’ club is victim of its own success

Acanthus in Harelbeke (West Flanders) is the biggest swingers’ club in the Benelux.  The club reopened on Friday, for the first time since the corona crisis, but has already been forced to close because of the amount of interest and its inability to accommodate all visitors due to restrictions.

Clearly, a lot of people had been awaiting the reopening. Scores of people turned up without making a reservation and the proprietor was forced to turn them back at the car park.

“Normally Acanthus can accommodate 400 visitors.  Corona restrictions mean that only 125 people can be admitted” says Gino Seynhaeve.  “Last Friday we operated a reservation system, but many people were unaware.  Some people made the journey from the Netherlands and France.  It’s a shame we had to turn them away.”

“Many customers are disappointed.  This is bad publicity for our business. This is why I decided to close the club until restrictions are lifted!”

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