Ghent police find 90 stolen bikes at house

Police in the East Flemish city of Ghent have found no fewer than 90 stolen bicycles at house. The discovery came not after a long-running investigation, but after sharp-eyed patrol officers had noticed that a man was “acting suspiciously”. 

For the time being at least the Ghent Local Police Service is remaining tight-lipped about the details of how exactly the haul of stolen bikes was discovered. All they will say is that officers carried out checks after they noticed the man’s suspicious behaviour. This culminated in a search of the house on the Brugsesteenweg. The search resulted in 90 stolen bicycles being found. This is the largest haul of stolen bikes ever found by Ghent police in one place at the same time. 

The thief wasn’t choosy about what he stole. The stolen bikes, included children’s bicycles, mountain bikes, a women’s bike and child’s seats that can be attached to the baggage racks of bikes in order to facilitate the transportation of infants. There are also a lot of what is described as “students’ bikes” among the haul. There are even new bikes that are still inside there cardboard packaging and still needed to be assembled. 

Now will start the mammoth task of reuniting the stolen bikes with their rightful owners. To this end the Ghent Local Police Service will be photographing all the bikes and publishing the photographs on its Facebook page. Anyone that recognises their bicycle can contact the police.  The necessary checks will be made to ensure that the claim is genuine. 

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