Machine gun attack on house in Deurne

A house in the De Gryspeerstraat in the Antwerp district of Deurne came under fire from a machine gun in the early hours of Tuesday morning. The house is located next door to a house that had a grenade thrown at it on Sunday night. Police in Antwerp say that the shooting incident took place at around 3am on Tuesday morning. After Sunday night’s incident there was speculation as to whether the grenade attack was intended for the neighbouring house. The Federal Police are leading the investigation into the attacks and CCTV footage is being analysed in an effort to trace the perpetrator(s). 

Later on Tuesday morning the Van Amstelstraat in Deurne was cordoned off after an unexploded grenade was found there. At around 3am on Tuesday morning a man armed with a machine gun released a number of shots in the direction of the house. Damage from the attack was fairly limited. 

After Sunday night’s grenade attack there were indications that the wrong house had been targeted. The neighbouring house that was targeted in Monday night’s attack is owned by a family that is suspected of involvement in the trade in illegal drugs. 

The shooting is the fifth such incident in just a few days. Whether or not the incidents are linked is now being investigated by the Federal Police. 


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