Meet Sean Connery’s Flemish double!

It’s not uncommon in Antwerp Province to hear people whispering “It’s James Bond” as they point towards a guy coming towards them on the street.  Unfortunately, more often than not, it’s not the real item, but Sean Connery’s Flemish lookalike, Herwig Dejonghe from Wilrijk.

He’s been called “James” and is often confused with the Scottish Bond star, an occurrence he’s now learnt to take all in his stride.

Sean Connery was the first screen actor to play Ian Fleming’s iconic character and turns 90 today, but Herwig is keen to point out that he’s a decade younger than his famous lookalike.

“People regularly come up to me and comment on our shared looks.  I’m called ‘James’ from time to time, but when Sean Connery stared as 007 I resembled him not one jot!  The resemblance came to life when Connery starred in ‘The Name of the Rose’”.

You can even hire Herwig as a Bond lookalike to liven up your parties.  Once upon a time he submitted his photo to a magazine when they were looking for doubles. Herwig was the only Fleming to be selected as a Sean Connery lookalike finalist.  Afterwards several casting agencies contacted him.

Last year Herwig took part in a TV dating programme for seniors and found his Mieke. 

“Today we’re living apart together.  I had to do an awful lot of explaining during the corona lockdown!” Herwig told VRT Radio 2.

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