Danny Gys / Reporters

22% of people infected with coronavirus in August probably became infected while abroad

At Wednesday morning’s National Crisis Centre press conference the virologist Steven Van Gucht (photo above) told journalists that more than a fifth (22%) of the new novel coronavirus infections that have been recorded so far this month were among people that had been abroad during the previous 14 days. Professor Van Gucht says that it is probable that they became infected while they were abroad. 

Professor Van Gucht told journalists that "We see a similar picture in other countries. In Italy and Germany this is the case among 1 in 3 of those infected. In The Netherlands the figure is 24%. Travel remains a risk factor and it is very important that we respect the rules on testing and quarantine when we return from an orange or red zone. You should also stick to the basic rules while you are abroad. Be care while on party holidays, but also while visiting family”. 


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