Colour-coded corona alert levels for sport clubs across Belgium

The Sport Ministers of the Flemish, Francophone and German language communities have reached agreement on the rules that sport clubs will have to adhere to depending on the level of risk from the novel coronavirus that is prevalent at any given time. The risk level has been colour-coded with yellow being the lowest level and red the highest. 

Currently Code Yellow is in force. Speaking in an interview with VRT Sport, the Flemish Sport Minister Ben Weyts (nationalist, photo above) gave more details on the agreement reached with his Francophone and German-speaking counterparts and the various sport federations.

Under Code Yellow (the risk level that is currently in force), contact is allowed between so-called “sport bubbles”, for example the members of the first team squad of a football or rugby team. 200 people are allowed to watch an indoor sporting activity (for example a basketball game) and 400 to watch an outdoor sporting activity (football, rugby match, etc.). However, clubs can ask their local Mayor for an exception to the restriction and more spectators may be allowed if this is deemed to be safe. The sports ministers had agreed to a protocol that clubs wishing to welcome more than 400 fans must adhere to. 

If the situation were to worsen then Code Orange would be in force. This would mean that spectators would no longer be allowed inside sport halls. The over 12’s would no longer be allowed to have any contact with other bubbles. However, changing rooms and shower facilities would remain open. 

Under Code Red almost everything would be banned for the over 12’s. For those of us that are 12 and older only individual sporting activities and sporting activities with other members of our own household would be allowed. Spectators will be banned at both indoor and outdoor sports matches. Swimming pools would only be opened for children under 12. 

Only once a vaccin is found will Code Green (no restrictions) come into force. 


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