Eddy Merckx exhibition coming soon to Beringen’s Bike Valley

Bike Valley, a centre that houses businesses involved in the bicycle industry, is to become the home to an exhibition on the life and and achievements of the Belgian cycling legend Eddy Merckx. The centre has also announced that its bike café is to re-open, allowing cyclists and other visitors to enjoy some light refreshments before they go on their way. 

A while ago Bike Valley was taken over by the Belgian Cycling Factory. Belgian Cycling Factory owns Ridley, the company that currently produces the Eddy Merckx brand of bikes.  Bike Valley is currently a veritable hive of activity with tests and research being carried out on a daily basis in its wind tunnel and climate room. However, there are ambitious plans to expand and extend the range of cycle-related activities at the site. 

Bike Valley’s Jochim Aerts told VRT Radio 2 Limburg that “Soon the bike café will re-open and were are going to build a kind of exhibition. There people will be able to learn about Ridley’s past innovations and also about the life and work of Eddy Merckx. It won’t just be about the professional cyclist and his 525 professional cycling victories, but also about Eddy Merckx the entrepreneur. We shouldn’t forget that in the 1990’s he was the second biggest bicycle manufacturer in the world. This is something that we can add to the cycling experience along with the cycling-related activities that we will coordinate from Bike Valley”. 


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