Foto: Radio 2

Another shooting incident in Deurne

For the second time this week a property has been shot at in the Antwerp district of Deurne. Earlier this week a residential property came under machine gun fire just a day after the neighbouring house had a hand grenade thrown at it. The latest incident happened at around 4am on Friday morning.

This time it was a bar on the Turnhoutsebaan that was targeted. In addition to the incidents in Deurne there was also a grenade attack in the Borgerhout district of Antwerp last Saturday night. 

Sven Lommaert of the Antwerp Local Police Service told VRT News that “At 4:15am on the Turnhoutsebaan in Deurne, just beyond the Cogelplein, a property was shot at several times. The gunman then fled”. 

The Turnhoutsebaan was closed to traffic on Friday morning.

Speaking earlier today Mr Lommaert added “The investigation is currently ongoing and the street has been cordoned off. The trams and busses aren’t able to get through either and this is likely to be the case for some time yet until the investigation at the scene has been completed”. The police were still unable to say whether Friday morning’s shooting was connected to previous shootings. 

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