King extends Flemish liberal leader’s mission for another week

King Filip has extended the mission of the Flemish liberal leader Egbert Lachaert to try and pave the way for the formation of a new federal government for another week. Mr Lachaert now has until Friday 4 September to bring together parities with enough MPs to form a workable federal coalition. It is now no longer a secret that Mr Lachaert favours a so-called “Vivaldi coalition” made up of the liberals, socialists, greens and Christian democrats. However, other options are open to him. 

On Friday morning Egbert Lachaert reported to the King on the progress he has made since he was given his mission by Belgium’s Head of State last week.  

While, Mr Lachaert’s preference is for a coalition of liberals, socialists, greens and Christian Democrats. Other options are open to him. A lot will depend on the stance taken by the Flemish Christian democrats. Will they be prepared to enter a federal government without the Flemish nationalists or not?

Furthermore, big differences in socio-economic policies between the socialists and the liberals won’t made the formation of a “Vivaldi” coalition easy. The socialist are also not happy that Mr Lachaert has aid in public that negotiating with them isn’t easy. They see this as a breach of the discretion that had been agreed before Egbert Lachaert embarked on the talks. 

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