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New speed limit on Brussels orbital from Tuesday

There was no shortage of ministers present at Friday morning’s unveiling of new speed limit signs on the Brussels orbital motorway. The Flemish Transport Minister Lydia Peeters (liberal), her counterpart in the Brussels regional government Elke Van den Brandt (Flemish green) and the Flemish Minister responsible for Brussels Benjamin Dalle (Christian democrat) were all at the unveiling that, as the new speed limit doesn’t come into force until next Tuesday (1 September), took place on a bridge above the motorway. 

From Tuesday the maximum speed on the 75km or so Brussels Orbital will be 100km/h. This is 20 km/h less than is the case now.

However, on a number of sections of the road, for example the section between Tervuren and Waterloo, a 90km/h limit is already in place. This will remain so after 1 September as will the 70 km/h speed limit that is in force at a couple of locations on the motorway to the west of Brussels .  

The symbolic unveiling took place in Machelen just northeast of the capital. A total of 280 speed limit signs are being changed so that from Tuesday 1 September no one will have any excuse for not sticking to the new reduced speed limit. 

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