Quarantine for 86 children who took part in summer camp

All the participants of a summer camp in Assenede (East Flanders) have been instructed to quarantine for a fortnight after two children tested positive for coronavirus.  All 86 children formed part of the same bubble.  The two children who tested positive are not displaying any symptoms.

The children all come from the East Flemish municipality of Assenede.  The local authorities that organised the summer camp are tracing the children’s contacts in order to prevent any further spreading.

The camp was held at the sports hall in Assenede and started on 24 August.  All children in this particular bubble are thought to have been in close proximity to each other. Consequently this is seen as a high risk contact.

The adults, who supervised the children, will have to quarantine too.  The quarantine will last till 7 September meaning the children will miss the first days at school.  Some 40 children need to be tested.  Only children aged 6 and more will be tested.

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