Jonas Roosens

Spate of attacks continues in Antwerp

The Belgian army’s bomb squad DOVO have removed a grenade found outside a house in Antwerp last night.  The device was found outside the front door of a property in the suburb of Deurne, where a grenade was also discovered last Tuesday.  The bomb squad made the device safe.

This is the latest in a spate of incidents across the city of Antwerp.  Detectives are investigating links to drug trafficking.

Police cordoned off the Van Amsetelstraat, the street where the device was encountered for a while, but nobody was forced to leave their home.

Shots were fired at an empty property on the Turnhoutsebaan also in Deurne last Tuesday night.  Earlier a house in the Beukenstraat in Borgerhout came under fire, while a grenade under a parked car exploded in the Godtsstraat.

An explosive device damaged the front door to a house in the Kerkhofweg in Deurne, while a grenade was thrown at an empty chemist’s in the De Gryspeerstraat also in Deurne.  The property then came under machine gun fire.

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