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Theatres and concert halls thrown a lifeline

Great is the relief in the Flemish cultural sector now it’s been decided that social distancing of one metre will suffice at cultural performances starting 1 September.  Until now 1.5m social distancing was mandatory.  The relaxation means that cultural performances will be able to fit in many more spectators.

Only one seat will have to be kept empty between members of different bubbles in concert halls and theatres instead of two. Rows of seats that are completely empty will not be needed either.

Tom De Clercq of the playhouse NTGent: “The previous situation meant we could fill under a quarter of all available seats.  The new one metre social distancing requirement coupled with the wearing of face coverings means over half of all seats can be occupied”.

NTGent will require a special dispensation from the Ghent city authorities in order be able to seat over 200 spectators indoors – the general rule.

NTGent put on its last performance in March.  Since then revenue has dried up.  The new relaxation is a lifeline for the theatre.

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